secularization in the philippines

All of us understand that the agitation for secularization triggered the execution of father Gomes, Burgos, and Zamora, which in turn engendered the seed of discontent some of the Filipino reformists, which in flip fanned the flame of Philippine revolution. Many Filipinos took refuge in Europe and initiated in Spain a crusade for reforms in the Philippines. Philippines became increasingly profitable. He became Vicar Capitular de Manila after the Archbishop of Manila died, and took over matters of the Archdiocese. Colonial Philippines was a completely feudal society, with its institutions propped up to serve the land-owning class of Spanish peninsularesand the friars. The Church was a nexus of power, culture, politics, and ultimately, economy. Secularization of Philippine parishes; Recognition of human rights. Two kinds of priests served the Catholic Church Their main task was to spread Christianity. // -->