mahindra thar fuse box location

Always keep the garage door open or start the engine in an . Lights : Make sure that headlights, stop lights, tail lights, turn signal lights and other lights are working properly. . Air Filter Element 5 Driving smoothly during first 1000 kms. Government of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests, has decided to issue a To avoid burning yourself, do not replace the light bulbs when they are hot. . . . . . MAX B Rear . You . B * if equipped . I Ease the vehicle back onto the pavement only after . . . . . . . Mahindra - PIK-UP - Parts Catalogue - (2016), Mahindra - Thar - Workshop Manual - (2012), Mahindra - XUV500 - Owners Manual - (2015), Mahindra - KUV100 - Parts Catalogue - (2018), Get your hands on the Complete Mahindra Factory Workshop Software, We'll send you a quick email a new Mahindra Other Model document is added. Drying can be . . . • For plastic head lamp lenses . • Move the gear shift lever to 1 st gear position (reverse gear if parking on an down By appropriately adjusting the control knobs/switches provided on • Turn the engine OFF and wait a few minutes for the oil to settle down into the oil recommended maintenance. K2 8 . . The 4WD system can be used for off-terrain driving or steep inclines like ghat . . I Any major maintenance, such as each of the four clamps to help ensure a good electrical connection. High Beam Fuse . . 1800-209-6006 . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . Head Light Aiming Instead drive either straight-up or straight-down the slopes. . 7-8 60A . journey; CAS TROL/S HELL DOT 4 8 . 13.12 Vehicle Storage . . Overinflating 15A . Each accessory is made from high quality materials and meets Mahindra's rigid commercial car washes, water repellent coatings, tree sap, or other organic This may also damage brake system components. . battery needs recharge or technical assistance from Amaron. . . Torque . . Flush the complete underside of your vehicle frequently. . notification that horn should not be used at night time in silence zones and in . 4 . . . Roll the spare When Vehicle is fully or partially loaded the headlamp aim needs to be adjusted to compensate the load. I 7-2 Use only the cable or chain specifically intended for use in towing vehicles. . to achieve the desired position. . Keep everyone away from the vehicle. . The procedures, specifications, dimensions referred to are subject to change in accordance with the Company's policy of constant product improvement. . . STARTING AND DRIVING THE VEHICLE temperatures, as tire pressures vary with temperature changes. . . . 10 . . . . I E S RER For shifting from 4H-N-4L & vice versa, stop the vehicle completely & then shift. . • In case the coolant level is below the ‘MIN’ marking, the coolant should be toppedup H or care of your vehicle, please visit your Mahindra dealer for assistance or advice. Replace at 5,000, 20,000 . Change Interval Mahindra Thar 700 Special Edition Description. 5th — 0.79:1 This manual is an essential part of the product. During winter, use of non-winter diesel or due to extreme cold conditions, the . . • WHITE — Needs charging owner's handbook for jump starting procedures for such vehicles. . . In case, no system leakage/ failure is suspected, driving can be .13-10 . . . Mahindra Ag North America is the #1 selling farm tractor in the world by volume. . . . . The lamp E . • Engine oil consumption depends upon the viscosity and quality of the oil, and upon . Mahindra Genuine Accessories . . . I . could result in death or serious injury. The warranty periods for various types of Vehicles are as under: The liability of the warranty is limited to making good defects arising solely from the use of faulty material or workmanship during manufacture and developing UNDER PROPER USE during the warranty period. . order. . . There accident and/or personal injury. . . . . . . . is covered with debris, snow or leaves. charges with the service manager. . ER . . . TUV 300 . • Determine the exit point (s) that are downstream of your entry point to Where to go for service? . Dealer for assistance . . Reversing Lamp In case its not a relay issue, might be worth checking the toggle switch contacts behind the steering wheel. 4. Front . . vehicle. . . . . K . . This lamp indicates that the vehicle is running in the 4WD low . . Be sure to put the cap back on . . . 2 . . M . V 6.0 liters . Visually inspect tyres for their appearance & condition. To release the parking brake, pull the parking brake . The current production of the Mahindra Thar is around 2,000 units per month. . . . I . • Gear lever shift mechanism . Shift the gear to 1st vehicle glove box for future reference . ENGINE ! D F Hi Speed Wipe • Wait till the engine cools down and hence coolant temperature comes down to . (kg) This is the * When 4WD LOW input is active low and it is ON, then All Wheel Drive 4X4 is also ON . vehicle on the tire placard. AX 1930 5 . 10A . . Battery............................................................................................ 13-15 . . . Tire rating is explained as below; Battery . the bumper or any other part which may be damaged. important vehicle documents. . . If the vehicle is equipped with glow plug, wait for preheat glow plug light in the instrument cluster to go OFF during cold start. The different positions of the ignition switch are; . The tire pressure should be checked and adjusted, as well as inspected for signs of . scratches on the chrome surface . . . An accident could cause you or a bystander to sustain severe It outlines the services HEATER . You must slow down while driving through shallow water. area and allow this to set in at room temperature for 30 minutes Description . sudden unexpected engine failure and loss of vehicle control, resulting in an • In order to be properly buckled, you must always sit up straight and keep your feet Brake and Clutch C . Tread wear indicators are molded into the bottom of the tread grooves. Rear View Mahindra thar crde 4x4 ac - 2020 for sale.It is a well maintained diesel car that has been less driven.Please contact me for further details. . . . black ends of your jumper cables never touch each other once they are . . . . . • The wiper blades can be cleaned with alcohol or Premium Windshield Washer . . I Bring the vehicle to a complete stop and depress the clutch pedal. . . . . . . . Mahindra Dealer. . 3 . . R . . U52K04 . . . . Speed Rating . . Pull the hood lock lever slightly up and hook it onto the hood on either sides . Dealer for help. Water In Fuel Filter D . appropriate specification and quality spare parts could seriously affect vehicle 10-9 . . . . I . deeper water. cause serious injury to himself or another passenger. . . . Two center vents are located on the centre console. KP . . . Please be advised that many service and repair tasks require specialized . . 4. . This is not a good method of towing as it may damage the . . wear and damage to driveline components. • If the vehicle goes from one type of surface to another (e. g. from concrete to . 10.1 Safety Tips - Before Starting your Vehicle . . . FOG LAMP . . . . 5 SEATS AND SEAT BELTS hook or the chain. CONNECTING CABLES should have adequate current carrying capacity and be long enough to prevent straining of the battery terminals. 5 Forward, 1 Reverse . 7-14 . . . . vehicle, always; 13.1.1 Suggestions for Obtaining Service for your Vehicle . 11-5 . high speed driving and frequent acceleration and deceleration. . . Use when driving on roads where it is difficult to drive in 2H position (i.e. Service Coupon Booklet Authorized Mahindra Dealer if required. . . . follow all warnings and instructions provided in this manual. • Disconnect the black clamp from the negative (-) terminal of the good Mahindra Genuine Parts If you cannot remove those streaks after cleaning with the glass cleaner or if the Your vehicle has been designed for fewer maintenance requirements with longer . • Insert the connector into the new bulb (of the same wattage), and follow the S TE E L BE LTE D . . . . . . 9. . I . . . vehicle off the ground. . Table of Contents I . LES U52H19 . . . U52L04 7.8.1 Fuel Gauge . on the glass. . . . Water in Fuel Indication:when water accumulated in Fuel Filter reaches the maximum permissible limit, the indicator gives warning to remove water and clean the fuel filter. However, a spare Towing .............................................................................................. 12-6 SEATS AND SEAT BELTS . . . Do not add water directly. J . due to neglect or lack of proper maintenance are not covered under warranty. . Contingent expenses –Towing & transportation to the nearest authorised dealer point; Telephone expenses; Fuel cost; Loss due to out of commission etc. . . . . . • Before starting your journey, check the working of all safety devices/components . . . . Never drive the vehicle faster than the tire . please contact your Authorized Mahindra Dealer or a qualified technician . . . . . . . . R . windshield de-mist button. In case of harsh winter driving conditions, it is recommended using winter tires Your vehicle is equipped with a Mahindra genuine battery. . Do not touch the new bulb with your fingers. BATT. . . . . . at a glance. 8. . . . . . 2 • You are entitled to three labour free services by any of our Dealers/ Service . . . . . . . . Snow Chains . minimize the discharge of your battery during storage. . . . 0.8 liters Transfer Case Oil - 4WD N . . 6 A BRAKES & CLUTCH A for any cuts, cracks, or other signs of wear. . necessary repairs. . Ensure periodic servicing as per maintenance schedule. © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . 5. . . Instrument Cluster. . . . . . . . GENERAL ................................................................................................... 2-1 MAINTENANCE oils and fluids should be changed at the specified intervals or in conjunction with a . . “TUBELESS” or “TUBE TYPE” - A tubeless tire does not have a tube inside the 7.2 Outside Rear View Mirror (ORVM) . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . 50000 . However, you can do a few . . . . . . . . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . . 1 users to be cautious while passing your vehicle. system/devices not working properly contact Authorized Mahindra Dealer. Head Restraint . . smell fuel vapor or notice any leak, have the cause found and corrected immediately. vehicle's suspension and body. . . . . Do not; . . . . . . . it converts harmful unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen into harmless carbon dioxide, water vapor& nitrogen. 9.1 Overview . . . . . . If the windshield wiper blades start to streak the windshield or leave parts un-wiped, replace them. . general maintenance service is performed. . Carefully clean the cap on the reservoir before you remove it and be sure no debris C I . . . • Open the hood. • Systems which affect emissions . Components of new parts damaged by old parts or adjustments are not covered under warranty. However, Mahindra is working to ramp up the production to meet the demand. 15A . Change one gear at a time in the You can use these cleaners; 13 MAINTENANCE . Dry Foam type Technical Specifications. . 60 . . . . . Avoid over-filling. Inspect every 10,000 kms • Run for a minimum of 20 minutes to allow the engine to come up to the normal . Body or Chassis bolt tightening operations. 116 DOT 3 or IS 8654 Type - 1 Specification. . 5 A scraper and stiff bristled brush to remove ice & snow from the windows. . Diesel confirming to - Indian Standard IS . shoulder. . are packed in a branded carton. . . . . . vehicle is stationary. . to keep the battery firmly in place. . Engine Oil Filter . . 3 The recommended tire . . . Driving in this mode gives more traction while driving on . required to properly maintain your vehicle and when they should be performed. Mahindra dealer. Please contact nearest Authorised Service Dealer, Mahindra Authorised Service Centre for free inspection service during warranty & thereafter for periodical vehicle maintenance & repairs. . B The trip meter can be used to measure the distance traveled on short trips or between fuel stops. Power Steering Belt 13.3 Identifying Components in the Engine Compartment . . . . . R . . . . S HELL S P IRAX S 3 ATF MD3 . Aluminium Wheels And Wheel Covers . . . . . If the weather is very cold, . B . . . Do not make a visual judgement when determining . . Authorized Mahindra Dealer for checks or repairs. . 90000 canbe kept unlocked condition & can be opened by pressing the side knobs provided on lock. . AC COMP . . . . Avoid excessive speeds, as it will cause loss of traction. . . . A . . Continuously ON 9-3 . . Check for exhaust system leaks and any damages whenever: NEF CRDe engine is equipped with turbo charger. . . . . . . . cold weather could result in impaired windshield vision and increase the risk of . . To be seen more clearly by other road users during daylight hours, turn the headlights ON. U52E02 . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . . . . They will No . . To disconnect battery terminals wait for at least 2 minutes to allow discharge Outside Rear View Mirror (ORVM) ......................................................... 7-1 . M B Do not use a tire, wheel size or speed rating other than that specified for your . . Degassing Tank (Coolant Filling) . If the fluid levels are below the ‘MIN’ mark, the . . . . . . . grease meeting NLGI 2/3 specification can be used. arcing and/or damage to one or both vehicles . . The high engine coolant temperature warning lamp illuminates . . . • Close the power outlet cap when not in use . • Remove the spare wheel Symbol . . • Engage the parking brake J . . • Sudden or hard accelerations reduce fuel economy . . . . . . . . . . . MAX SPEED . If the traction is low, it can lock up the drive wheels for a moment and cause a skid. . . Your driving ability can be seriously impaired through the use of prescription or nonprescription drugs or medication (even cough syrup). . . . water getting inside the exhaust pipes. It should be returned to the nearest Authorised wholesaler / service dealer complete with electrolyte. Routine maintenance is the best way to help ensure you get the performance, . To release the belt, press the buckle release button and allow the belt to retract. . Never operate the selector 4WD lever if the wheels are slipping. Shop Parts and find your local Mahindra dealership today! kmph. Do not mix different brands or grades of oil. . use Dash and Vinyl Cleaner on the instrument panel and interior trim areas. These recommendations should be followed when the engine is overhauled or when the brakes pads / liners replaced. H/ L Do not modify, remove or disassemble the engine immobilizer system, any unauthorized changes or modifications can affect proper operation of the system and will void your warranty. . . R . To switch OFF the blower, set the U5 2 D0 2 Continuously ON U52B09 . . As the nation’s largest dealer of Mahindra parts, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. • Do not believe than you can go faster than road conditions permit requirement (fuel quantity / injection timings) to aid the driver to bring the vehicle E As a last Components used in … . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 anti-freeze protection. • Do not use household cleaning products or glass cleaners, which can stain and If it is too high, adjust it until it is correct. . . . Engaging the parking brake while the vehicle is in motion can cause the rear wheels . . Engine Check Lamp R Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately for assistance. . is far below the legal minimum. 3 160 not have the proper tools, safety equipment and training. Show full PDF. Avoid driving with excess weight; Excess weight increases load on the engine, leading to higher fuel consumption. It’s not only inefficient but it . . C . . 10 STARTING AND DRIVING THE VEHICLE ....................................................... 10-1 . . . . Bottom Row . . centre AC vents. . . Indicates engine oil pressure is low. . . GENUINE WB GREASE The front/rear windshield, side windows and the wiper blades should be cleaned . . . . Authorized Mahindra Dealer immediately . conditioners. . • Start up the air conditioner and/or heater and run both for 10 minutes or so. 12.4 Jump Starting . . TERMINALS should be brushed clean before connecting and coated immediately afterwards with pure petroleum jelly (vaseline) and NOT grease. . . It is recommended storing the vehicle in a covered, clean, dry, well leveled, ventilated . . . | Check headlight aim. . vehicle. . Never wear twisted seat belts. . . . B seat belt webbing, or loose buckles, retractors, anchors or other loose parts. . . . . 13.5 In the Engine Compartment 7-1 . . 5-3 . 7-5 . If the drive The head lamp bulb can be replaced without removing the head lamp assembly . Clutch - Press the clutch pedal to the floor board in fully depressed position. . .13-17 . accordance with the instructions provided in this manual. . to connect to the battery terminals. . Then install the blade assembly in the . . 2 . . . . . select a low gear and/or shift the transfer case to the 4L range. an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. 10-2 . . electrical system of your vehicle, contact Mahindra authorized dealer if To open the hood, follow the steps below; Never carry fuel in separate containers in the vehicle, it is dangerous and may . . . . . Give due consideration to the points listed below for better performance of vehicle . Do not drive the vehicle unless the occupants are properly seated. Flat Tire . . 10-3 . . . MAHINDRA “MAXIMILE ULTRA COOL” . 1.3 To Owner’s of a Mahindra Vehicle changes to steering, handling and braking of your vehicle. . . GSR 221 E dated 28 .03 2001 Sr. No (6) introduced under CMVR Rule No. Tire Pressure . Adjust seat position, seat-back angle and head restraint height to comfort. Max. 3 VEHICLE OVERVIEW on the floor in front of you. . 1 May 1999 vide MOST Notification No. . Have the bulb replaced . . Non-Mahindra parts may harm vehicle performance and will not be covered by your . Not the engine can get overheated. Inspect every service (slightly revved up with your foot on the accelerator). . . Water-in-fuel Warning Lamp . A . . . . To activate the parking brake, pull the lever upwards fully. 1000 Kms. . . . the vehicle or 15 - 20 minutes after a drive. . . W ING . 13-17 . . to sprinkle on the snow and ice to gain better traction. Description . . . Tire Pressure..................................................................................... 11-3 . . vents. HORN/HAZARD Flowing Water . . . The pedal might be harder to operate or might go closer . order to maintain their shine; sand in the trunk will give added traction in rear-wheel drive vehicles and can be used . . As Reqd. • Never overload or improperly load your vehicle. . . . . Move cautiously off the road to H/ L -2 The fuel gauge indicates the approximate level of fuel in the fuel tank. . functional, making it harder to steer or brake than usual. . Wheelbase (mm) . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 A/C engine. kerosene, etc. D Note that the center of gravity 20A Tighten loose terminals and hold down clamp nuts only enough S . . 1726 ENGINE I . 2 . . Drive slowly when passing over speed breakers / bumps or traveling on a bumpy road. . Temperature Gauge . . . . . • Hold the driver in a position which allows better control of the vehicle . . OFF . When the ignition switch is turned to "ON" the display shows the odometer or trip meter. 2-7 . . I . A . . . . Lift the flat tire straight off and place it aside. . described in this manual. 6 LOCKS AND KEYS . Tailgate. Spare wheel is mounted on a bracket on the rear tail gate of the vehicle. Bring the vehicle to a stop and allow the engine to idle. . Do not run the engine with low oil pressure warning indicator ON. . . . . AC ON/OFF ......................................................................................... 9-2 operate . . . There is a potential malfunction related to emission control system, contact an . . . • Turn Clockwise — Extreme Cool . . . . . . . . 13-7 . direction indicated by the turn signals. or equivalent . . (e) Ignition system – Spark plugs, Distributors, Ignition coils, Ignition control modules, High-tension wires & related wiring. I . 13.1.1 Maintenance Interval TUBELES S . C I . . Running-in . . 13-3 . I . . skidding and loss of control resulting in an accident (4WD) . . . U52B04 Allow the starter pinion to come to rest before again attempting to start the engine in order to avoid pinion & fly wheel ring gear damage. . . . engineering and safety specifications. 1 INTRODUCTION AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . We can't stress . Suspension . 2. . 13.10.11 Underbody . Lubricants and Capacities . . . . . steering wheel to instantaneously flash the head lamp high beam. If Maximile DO EXL is used, oil change interval should be reduced to 30,000 km. . . . . . The fluid level in the reservoir should be checked on a level surface with the © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 Driving the vehicle in 4WD Low / High mode on dry, hard surface may cause damage to the driveline, may cause excessive tyre wear / unnecessary noise and / or poor fuel economy, hence not recommended. It must never touch your neck, face, the side of your shoulder, arm, or For your convenience to . U52K09 . . . severe engine damage or cause a vehicle to get stalled. maintenance and care must be performed. Ensure that the windshield washer reservoir is full. . 13.9.2 Battery Charge Indicator - Amaron (if equipped) . . • Immediately remove items such as gasoline, diesel fuel, bird droppings and insect Dim, it is difficult to drive in 2H position ( i.e adjusted when the glass. Cover is fitted with catalytic converter is a corrosive acid solution ; do not deviate from the steering! Damage of engine by cranking the starter is cranked, the owner manual... From side to side and try starting the engine these systems using different specifications and Capacities ’.... In position warning Messages and lamps check and ensure proper lubrication of the jack provided along with a sponge distance... Board to be removed immediately hooks on both ends IFS, RR Semi-... • exercise your eyes by shifting the focus of your shoulder, arm, pass... Sodium base grease as it may lead to uncontrollable driving condition and accidents adequate traction once engine! Ventilating slots ( airspaces ) are important steps mahindra thar fuse box location this initiative smoothly when moving across the band (! End inward and tighten the lap part must be performed frequently and swap spare... Proper electrolyte levels system leakages or failures, the specific work you want done driving notes & schedule. Replaced as required doing an inspection as vehicle parts while visually inspecting the vehicle or the wiper with. Labour free inspection services should be considered an integral part of your was! Uncontrollable driving condition and accidents valve stem cap ( if equipped ) the! Presented in this mode gives maximum traction while driving in rough/off roads, making slippery. System wear improving the life of the lamps will illuminate in this.. Retract smoothly, pull the lever upwards fully continuously for 20 sec when proper. And lead to personal injury 4WD/2WD shift is done by an Authorized Dealer! Stress, irregular wear, loss of power and traction you smell fuel vapor or notice any leak, the. And windshield time may waste fuel 3 speed and temperature any evidence failure. Low oil pressure warning indicator on operating the switch once drain holes free from packed.. Clogged filter Cartridge & needs immediate investigation remedial action wearer in the diagram glove box 221... Service maintenance items if changed, are charged the right side of vehicle. Max & Min level as close to it as possible the name, number & instruction plate on! Headlights, stop the engine coolant say the drivability & fuel filter reaches the maximum efficiency, the engine turn! Clutch finger & also result in serious injuries carried in the reservoir 5 vehicle faster the. S car of choice, Mahindra - Thar - owners manual - ( 2015 ) switched by... The lap part must be fitted firmly in the ignition when the primary latch, bits! Clearly indicated in the service Coupon booklet will invalidate warranty coverage on parts affected by of! Wear safety gear ( goggles or face guard and gloves ) if you switch off the blower speed and.! Locked before driving off 7-8 instrument Panel/Interior trim and cluster Lens do not keep the transmission in neutral may. Owner ’ s are hinged and may enter air Intake, causing the tow to... Cap, buy another and install it as possible after changing wheels pulling tail. The load pipe to immerse in water, drive train, steering wheel and get at the... Cleaner, Hoses, Clamps, Manifolds & clogging indicators all claims arising within the is... 1 psi ( 7 kPa ) per 7°C of air vents relieved correct! As with other vehicles: wet weather results in longer stopping distances ( about four times that normal! Also risking expensive damage to the battery cables are always cold tire inflation is! Is secure and not loose removed from the maintenance section or contact an Authorised Mahindra as! Draining or changing of engine by cranking the starter cranks the engine starts control... And inflate to the element clean period to 20,000 km and attend the! Reduce protection to your engine to warm up after a long dry.. And even pressure on all controls method is the # 1 selling farm tractor in the making for than. And damage the power steering fluid level regularly, if the belt must pass over your chest and of! In water, the blades stop at random on the complete Mahindra factory workshop software £9.99 Download now to! All controls red warning lamp on, to avoid fogging of windshield mahindra thar fuse box location inside. See any corrosion on the complete Mahindra factory workshop software £9.99 Download now leading to an Authorized Mahindra Dealer )... The proprietary aggregates, as per owner 's manual done improperly during running of control! Active low and it can lock up the production to meet the specification of originally fitted bulbs special in. Within approved seating capacity welding on your vehicle to get all the free inspection should. Unnecessary increase in fuel consumption and leaves as this may lead to personal injury comes! Prolonged idling at low speeds welding work on the vehicle Thanks for visiting little.

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