dna replication test pdf

1. The process requires DNA unwinding The product is DNA. A DNA nucleotide may be made up of a phosphate group, along with _____. Multiple Choice (15 POINTS) DIRECTIONS: Write the letter of the BEST ANSWER beside each number of each the question. Genes for medically important proteins can be cloned and inserted into bacteria, as shown in the In E coli, replication origin is called OriC which consists of 245 base pair and contains DNA sequences that are highly conserved among bacterial replication origin. The polymerase moves 3’ to 5’ along the template strand. A primer is required to initiate synthesis. The DNA sedimentation results obtained by Meselson and Stahl (1958). DNA REPLICATION PRE/POST-TEST BENCHMARK COVERED: SC.912.L.16.3 Describe the basic process of DNA replication and how it Part 1. We begin our investigation by describing the basic model for how nucleotides are joined in a specific order during DNA replication. B-4.1 Compare DNA and RNA in terms of structure, nucleotides, and base pairs B-4.2 Summarize the relationship among DNA, genes, and chromosomes B-4.3 Explain how DNA functions as the code of life and the blueprint for proteins Objectives: Compare and contrast DNA and RNA. C. The proteins needed for all stages of DNA replication in E. coli are studied. Identify the phase of the cell cycle during which DNA replication … The two tubes on top represent the expected results for semiconservative (left) and conservative (right) DNA The polymerase moves 5’ to 3’ along the template strand. A. Semiconservative (left) and conservative (right) DNA replication models. a. deoxyribose sugar and uracil c. deoxyribose sugar and thymine Name: ID: Email: DNA Replication & Protein Synthesis Prep Test For example, most autosomal DNA ancestry tests predict an accuracy rate of 90–98% when detecting a match with a 3rd cousin, but around a 45–50% chance of detecting a match with a fourth cousin. order to test which model for DNA replication was correct, Matthew Meselson and . View test 1.pdf from BIOLOGY SEMESTER 1 at Lamar High School. (Questions 14-25) 14._____ During initiation of replication a) DNA polymerases denature A-T rich sequences at the origin. DNA replication in prokaryotes. By the early 1950’s, it was clear that DNA was a linear string of deoxyribonucleotides. DNA replication. DNA helicase made up of one or two rings of carbon 11. replication … Figure 1. b) replication begins when Dna A protein binds the origin and synthesizes primers. Replication Transcription In eukaryotes, the process occurs in the nucleus. Initiation: DNA replication begins from origin. 6. Basic Mechanisms of Replication DNA replication is semiconservative. DNA polymerase a. subunits that make up DNA 7. deoxyribose b. one of the two pyrimidines 8. Autosomal DNA Testing •The chance that an autosomal DNA test will accurately detect a relative decreases with the distance of the relationship. DNA replication c. process of making a copy of DNA 9. cytosine d. makes up part of a nucleotide and is 10. Student Name: Due Date: DNA REPLICATION ACTIVITY SHEET 1. Summarize the way that DNA’s genetic information is used by the cell. a. binary fission c. replication b. mitosis d. translation 11. The product is RNA. 2 Viral Replication: Basic Concepts • Replication cycle produces-Functional RNA’s and proteins-Genomic RNA or DNA and structural proteins• 100’s-1,000’s new particles produced by each cycle-Referred to as burst size-Many are defective-End of ‘eclipse’ phase• Replication may be cytolytic or non-cytolytic Steps in Viral Replication: Attachment B.

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