bts 7th anniversary date

We can’t believe it’s already been seven years and BTS is now running through all our veins. Taking to Weverse, in the wee hours of the morning today, i.e. [📹] 2 (Summer ver.) Starting at midnight on June 13, 2020 (KST), after weeks of releasing 2020 FESTA content to overwhelm the already-emotional ARMYs, BTS celebrated their 7th debut anniversary. 2020 7th Anniversary 🗓 SCHEDULE SCHEDULE. A heartfelt letter to BTS has gained attention online.. On June 13 around 1 AM KST, a BTS fan wrote a heartfelt letter to the group to celebrate their 7th debut anniversary… It is thanks to ARMY that we have been having fun while working for a long time!” 아미이 해피 7주년 아미 덕분에 오래오래 즐겁게 활동중! Check out these 15 reactions that are extremely relatable and accurate, and do your best not to get too emotional going through all the … BTS Festa 2020 day 2 is out !. They celebrated with an hour long live show, and fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts and love for the group with the hashtag #7ToEternityWithBTS. Twitter @bts_bighit On Weverse the same day, the leader RM shared a heartfelt letter — somewhat of an annual tradition that developed. [🖼/📝] 6/8 - Choreography Video #2: 2018 MAMA Performance Practice (Formation Check Ver.) … BTS made their debut in the K-Pop world on June 13, 2013, making today their 7th anniversary. BTS Festa 2020 = BTS 7th Anniversary RM Letter to ARMY on BTS Anniversary 200613 . 6/1 - OPENING Ceremony: Airplane Pt. The BTS boys have shown many surprises for their fans during FESTA 2020, this time it was the turn of an anniversary party that each one helped to perform, in the same way that they did when they turned a year after their debut. BTS marked the seventh anniversary of them being a boyband with a sweet group selfie. As the world comes down from the incredible high that was the 'Bang Bang Con The Live' – BTS' mega-online concert streamed across 107 countries, that celebrated the group's seventh anniversary in style – we once again recede into a phase of calm where we await the next big surprise this crowd-favorite boy band has for "their ARMY" or fans. The first of the BTS members to share a message to the fandom on their 7th anniversary was Jin: “ARMY, happy seventh anniversary. June 13, 2020, RM penned a heartfelt letter to his beloved ARMY to commemorate BTS' seventh anniversary. The BANGTANTV channel shared a video of about 1 hour where we saw the 7 members in a cozy room. RM shared a heartwarming letter about his reflection of his journey with BTS, and how he and other BTS members are grateful that ARMY always supports BTS members until now, 7th BTS anniversary. 6/2 - 7th Anniversary Family Portrait [📸] 6/3 - Choreography Video #1 [📹] 6/4 - BTS Photo Collection ‘19/‘20 [📸] 6/5 - STILL WITH YOU [🎶] 6/7 - BTS Profile #1 (2020 ver.) BTS are celebrating their 7th anniversary this year, and BTS FESTA 2020 began with 32 "Family Portrait" Photos. Since 2014, one year after their official debut, on June 13th of 2013, BTS always celebrate another year of being a group one week before their anniversary.Festa is a ceremony that either starts on the 1st or 3rd of June where the group uploads new pictures, songs and choreographies and more on their YouTube channel. They were uploaded on BTS' Facebook page.

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